A few Samsung Galaxy S6 captures in high quality

Samsung Galaxy S6 HQ Camera Samples

In March 2016, I bought Galaxy S6, a smartphone from Samsung. I’ve been using this Samsung’s Android flagship of 2015 for two months. I found that the camera of this phone is really great compared to the phones I used in the past. I’m using the S6 to capture the random photos around me. Now, I’ve created a specific Google Album for the quality shots captured by me with the Samsung Galaxy S6. You can visit my Google Album through the link given below:

Check out the Photos Captured with Galaxy S6 by me.

Started Reading the “Books”

Started Reading the "Books"

Just a week ago I made a few changes in my schedule and added some new habits. Starting reading the books was one of those habits I was strongly desiring to add in my schedule since a long time but never did so.

Till now I had the thought that reading these books is somewhat boring stuff I already did through my academic career but I got curious about reading when I analyzed my brother’s collection who has a strong habit of reading.

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And I’m Engaged


I got engaged on December 18th, 2015.

I’m 23 years “young” and it’s weird according to many around me that I’m getting married soon. Even I wasn’t planning to get engaged so earlier but recent progress in my life, stability of my income and completion of a few dreams led me to take this fine decision.

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Mukhtiar Chadha Review – A Super Boring Movie…

Mukhtiar Chadha Punjabi Movie

As per Wikipedia, Mukhtiar Chadha is a Punjabi “romantic comedy movie”. Well it’s neither a romantic nor a comedy movie. Diljit Dosanjh is in leading hero role and Yashpal Sharma is featured as a villain in the movie. Oshin Sai is main actress in this movie. She is the same girl we all have seen in “Kharku” song. I was awaiting for this movie since a long time as I’m a big fan of Punjabi movies. But all my excitement and expectations were ruined within 5-10 minutes the movie started. Here is my review after watching this bogus film.

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Hero ‘Naam Yaad Rakhi’ – A big Disappointment

Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi Punjabi Movie Review

Previously I reviewed Sardaar Ji and today it was time for “Hero”, yet another Punjab movie. I skipped Gippy Grewal’s “Second Hand Husband” as one of my friends told me not to watch it if I don’t want to un-root my hairs because of boredom. But I was curiously waiting for Hero movie because I’m big fan of Jimmy Sheirgill.

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Sardaar Ji Movie Review starring Diljit Singh & Neeru Bajwa

Sardaar Ji Punjabi Movie Review

If we skip Gadaar which was released in May month, Punjabi industry couldn’t show any good movie this year. Except Gadaar movie, none of Punjabi movies could perform well nor there was any big star cast in rest of the movies this year. So I was curiously awaiting for Sardaar Ji movie to get released. So I booked my ticket for today’s afternoon show and watched it & Here is my review of the same.

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Don’t use Jetpack’s Photon Service, it may harm blog’s SEO

If you’re serious about Image SEO on your blog then you must avoid use of photon.js i.e Photon module by Jetpack. I have been using Jetpack plugin to add some more services to my blogs. Recently when I was working on one project of mine where loading time was priority, I thought why not to use Photon Module which serves images of your blog from wordpress.com servers hence improves load time.

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