About Narender Chopra

About Narender Chopra!

I’m a self made guy who worked hard enough to become successful in my life. I wasn’t much good at education so I dropped out my diploma and made a quick decision to work as a blogger. In starting I gave almost 2 years to learn basics of this field and I got my first earning from Google Adsense after 2 years of my start.

Since 2013, I have been making a good income that is sufficient for me and my family. I have faced many struggles in starting because everyone was angry with my choice because it was a unstable and unknown field ( according to them ). But I always will be thankful to my big brother Bhupender Chopra who cooperated me and never made me think twice on opting blogging as my career.

So that’s all I have to tell you about my career so far. Currently I have been working as a full time professional blogger. I make money online sitting in my leaving room which sounds weird to many of my neighbors, friends and relatives because blogging is still an unknown profession for locals here.20140818_103649

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Blogger, SEO, IM ( 2012 – Present )

In the middle of year 2012, I chosen Blogging as my Full Time Work. Apart from writing, I do SEO for my own projects. Google Adsense has been my #1 income source. For those who’re not familiar with “Blogging” “Internet Marketing” words, let me define it in easy way. I make websites, writer article, display advertisements ( under Adsense program ) and then I get paid for clicks made by visitors of my websites ( still may sound weird for many, well Google it then… )

Copy Paster ( 2010 – 2011 )

My starting was same as most of the newbie bloggers. I started using Internet through my phone in 2009 ( My family bought me a phone when I got admission in Govt. Polytechnic College, Hissar and started living in the hostel there. ). Till 2010 I joined some forums related to hacking, cr@cking, Free tricks, ROM Modifications etc. In 2010, I came to know about Blogging and Adsense. Then I kept copying various type of stuff on my blogspot blogs for next 1 Year. During July 2012 I started my first blog with a custom domain and did some genuine writing work on it as suggested by my buddy Narender Chahal aka Bobby. I got my first Google Adsense Cheque in the last of 2012 Year and the earning engine started….

Web Designer (2011 – Present)

I like to design Websites but not having much skills. So far I have made some Blogs and never tried with Portfolios and One Page Templates. I am not good at Custom Design but I rock with pre-made WordPress and Blogger Themes. Most of all, I love to optimize my blogs for quick loading.


College Drop Out (2009 – 2012)

I was good at Study till I got admission in Polytechnic college and started using internet. In 2009, I got admission in E.C.E Stream @ Govt. Polytechnic College, Hisar. On other hand I got a phone and learned using Internet. And a student’s destruction started….. After struggling for 3 Years in G.P Hisar, I was crowned with Re-Appear in 2 Papers. I could get my diploma completed by achieving pass marks in these two papers but I never re-appeared in the college :p

There is a very simple reason for leaving my diploma in half and not completing it. I love to be called a diploma dropout rather than getting it and stay unemployed. I feel proud that without completing the diploma I have been making much more than most of my batch mates.

School Education (Before 2009)

I completed 8th Class from a local School named Chirag Public School which is near my house in Narwana. I switched to Aadrash Bal Mandir during 9th and 10th Class. I could not get good friends during my school period. Then I did 12th class from NIOS during 2012. So talking about education, I am 12th Pass and Polytechnic Diploma Dropout.

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“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it’s wings.”

Wordpress is my favorite CMS for websites creation. Most of my websites are based on Wordpress.

Being a Geek, I love new gadgets, games and ROM modifications. I replace my phone each year with on of the latest Android flagship phones.

Apart from Google Adsense, I keep trying some alternative advertising solutions. So far Infolinks have been my secondary source of income.

I would love to read some great books from my brother's collection once I got time to do so :(


I am a passionate person who does the work he loves, loves the work he does ! I am not a serious thinker yet I know basic fundamentals of life. I have always been trying to keep others happy. I hate mean people just like everyone does. I give most of my time to the family, may be that's why I don't have much friends. I love the kids and I love to take care of my family....


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